A 1963 ERF one off brake down recovery truck in need of complete restoration, found in a derelict condition due to standing around for most of her working life and retirement life.

 Here is our Ruston Hornsby roller 158623 of 1929 in the process of having a new firebox, boiler, tubes and a tubeplate. While all this boiler work was being carried out other maintenance jobs were being done to other parts of the roller such as new axle bearings, gears being rebuilt, complete repaint etc. 

 Here is 158623 after the new boiler and tubeplate had been fitted.

 158623 after the boiler work had been carried out and here the rebuild is well underway, many parts being renovated as well as sand blasted and painted.

 158623 finally completed and ready to take to the shows.

 This project is a very interesting task. Many years ago a gentleman owned the scammell lorry but wished to change the diff so that he could get the lorry up the road abit quicker, he was planning to change the lorry from a 30mph diff to a 50mph diff, but sadly before the gentleman completed the project he sadly passed and now his son wants the lorry complete and moveable.

Another Scammell project turned up, but this time it was just a brake re-line on the rear axle, a fuel filter, oil and filter change and just a general check over and grease up.  

 Here are some pictures of an Austin  3 1/2 ton truck that was used as a coal lorry. The work to be carried out on this little gem is a new clutch assembly, interior refurbed and to diagnose the engine problem which was causing the engine to miss fire and lack power.

Fordson major super major fitted with a winch and rear loader which was used to tow the ferrys at bournmouth. A complete grit blast and respray in both under coat and top coat.  

 This job is to replace the clutch on a Scammell which i previously changed the rear brake shoes on and serviced is. When the lorry went out the clutch started slipping and went, the lorry had to be recovered home by the owners other scammell. I stripped the clutch out to find the pressure plate was beyond repair and the customer had the pressure plate reconditioned and replaced the clutch plates. Set it all up and the customer road tested the lorry to which he was very satisfied with it.

 Here is a Massey ferguson 390 four wheel drive tractor, the problem with this tractor is that it is stuck in low range on the transfer box, but to get to this the entire tractor needs to be seperated and replace the spring which is causing the fault. 

 Here is a 1954 tank transporter trailer in need of complete renovation, work to include, full service of the brakes, re-pipe it, re-floor board it, re-wire it and complete sand blast and full paint.

  Here we have a Sentinel DG4 steam lorry Reg TM 9486 boiler number 8595 built in 1931, it came back from Canada  many years ago and has under taken an excessive restoration already, including a refurbishment of the boiler and the engine. Complete over haul of the brakes. We are finishing the restoration off, sorting out all the pipework and replacing any if they need replacing and will be getting it back into steam working condition. 

  Here is our own Steam roller. Ruston Hornsby roller, boiler number 114059 and registration CJ 4853. I am undertaking a complete rebuild of this engine, including a new firebox, boiler, tubes, tube plate, back plate and a complete new repaint. However as i am unable to do the boiler work myself as i do not have the equipment at the minute to do so, so i had the boiler work carried out else where. The boiler, tube plate and firebox was all riveted in else where but i have done everything else so far. 

Here is a AEC Matador, 1941, came to me as a rolling chassis, the owner has requested the chassis be grit blasted and to be repaired as the chassis does not look to be in great condition. As well as sorting out the chassis that the running gear, being the axles, springs and brakes all to be refurbished. Once the running gear is all sorted the owner has requested that he has it back as a rolling chassis so that he can finish the restoration off himself.