ERF 1963 breakdown. This lorry is very unique in being that it is the only one of its type and design in exsistance. Fitted with a Gardner 150 engine and a David Brown gear box. The lorry has been recently restored but due to many more projects turning up she no longer gets to go out to play.  It is MOT excempt. Very good runner, starts first turn of the key everytime.

 Here i have early a complete front end from a 8/10 ton Burrell steam roller. Front rolls, front saddle, front forks and two scraper bars. There is no axle here or chain sweeps. Rolls measure 22" in width per roll and 46"  from the ground to the top.

Gardner cylinder block reconditioned, 6LXB complete with liners and studs.

24 Volt electric winch with cable.