In this section I will be publishing pictures of projects that I am renovating for people.

 Fordson power major purchased in many peices with the intentions of restoring it but the 4 cylinder engine was found to be in a poor condition and unusable state, so a lorry engine is being made to fit. Seals and bearings are all being done in the back end to make this tractor usable and the new yard tractor.

 This project is much like the one above, this Nuffield 10/60 was purchased with the intentions of restoring it, however it was found the engine was not useable due to water in the oil and seized solid, after spending a complete day trying to free the engine off, it was decided to park it in the corner till another engine could be sourced for it. A while down the line another engine was located, a six cylinder Cummins B series. 

 Here is a Zettelmeyer steam roller, single cylinder piston valve number 302 built 1926, weight 14 tons, working pressure 180psi. It was used during World War 2, she drove from Germany to Russia and back again. There is damage in some of the castings due to debris hitting it from exploding bombs so the previous owner told us. The roller was dismantled 20+ years ago to be restored in Germany however work commitment did not allow this. The previous owner started restoring it by putting a section in the boiler and cleaning all the parts ready for painting. The new owner has purchased it and brought it to England. The boilerman has visited the roller and got good readings on both the boiler and firebox. So the restoration will commence in this country, starting off by putting a section in the smokebox and putting the new tubes in.

Here is a Bedford TK lorry ( W Reg ) which the owner has had for many years and used to start their business as a coal merchant, how ever for the past 5 years the lorry has been pushed to one side in not the best location, under an apple tree which unfortunately has not kept the lorry in the best condition and has caused the cab to become rotten and unusable.

 Henschel steam roller 1014 built 1924, she has been sat on a plinth outside of a museum for many years, she is in a very poor condition including being completely seized. She was brought over from Germany end of October 2015. She is in need of a complete restoration, including firebox and boiler a long with any other jobs that are discovered upon stripping the roller down.